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HR professionals and practitioners are welcome to complete our FREE self-evaluation of their personal HR accountability maturity level, with a free comprehensive profile on completion. There is no single definition of the HR Function accountabilities, however, we believe this to be one of the most specific, definitive and complete views in the market. The outcome will potentially provide you with insights that you had not considered in terms of your current level and potential areas for development on your career journey and of course to a great level of contribution in the workplace.

Personal HR Competency Evaluation

You will evaluate yourself in the four major areas of HR: HR Business Partner, HR Functional Partner, HR Governance and Performance Excellence, HR Innovation and Development. Within these four key areas are 25 sub-function accountabilities of the HR function.

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The field of Human Resource Management (HRM) is rapidly changing. Staying up to date with the latest information is more important than everQuarantine leaves us with a healthy chunk of time to reassess and spend time with the ones we love. But as quarantine goes on, the work must go on as well and for HR professionals, that means developing professionally as much as everyone else within the organization.


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